Five Essential Life Hacks

The Guiding Star: Five Points That Lead to What You Need

illustration by Danyell Thillet

The core of Family Road Map Institute’s philosophy is the Guiding Star—five tasks that keep people on the right road to finding helping and support no matter which system they must navigate.

The Guiding Star works because it is rooted in strategic thinking about how people get what they need in systems that provide services.  In ANY system–healthcare, education, insurance, financial services–people get what they need through a process that includes: 

(1) building relationships with people who play different roles,

(2) communicating with those people using special words or phrases, and

(3) exchanging important pieces of information with those people.  

When you understand the basic principles of how people operate in systems, you find that certain types of strategies get very dependable results. 

Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map not only empower people with basic knowledge about how systems operate—they also provide simple, practical tips and techniques suggested by others who share their experience in navigating systems.