De-Stress the Mess

When life hands you a big, messy situation, knowing where to start makes all the difference.

Illustration by Danyell Thillet

Team Up for Families is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for people to apply strategic thinking to their complicated life situations.  With its Road Map® series of guides and curricula for families and young adults, people learn to use a step-by-step Guiding Star method to:

Break down complicated situations into tasks they can handle.

Find information that matters to their unique needs.

Communicate their strengths and concerns to providers of services

Organize records, track progress, and understand the data used to make decisions about their treatment.

Build relationships that lead to services and support.

Whether the issue is finding is finding services for a child or youth with special needs, navigating a confusing health system, or adjusting to life as an independent young adult, the Guiding Star gets people on the road to what they need most.

Start Here, Get There.  Real Life, De-complicated.

Team Up for Families (TUFF), a non-profit training, research, and advocacy organization dedicated to (1) providing adult learners with creative opportunities for strategic thinking about life’s complex situations, and (2) promoting effective partnerships between the people who need and provide services within systems.