Team Up for Families

We believe that families like ours can unleash the power to manage our most overwhelming problems.

That’s why we are committed to sharing the special needs strategies that have transformed our lives.

We are families of children and youth with conditions such as autism, ADHD, learning disorders, behavior challenges, and other health needs. Together, we have experienced thousands of IEP meetings, therapy appointments, and insurance customer service calls. Along the way, we learned many practical tips and tricks to make the process easier.

The Team Up for Families national network of certified Master Trainers, Facilitators, and Coaches shares skills and knowledge that real families use to break down complicated problems into tasks they can handle.

Get There Project

Team Up for Families partners with educational publisher Melton Hill Media in Get There Project, a learning portal for special needs families.

Get There Project’s DIY resources, guided e-learning, and professional training programs are designed to serve family caregivers, young adults in transition (and their families), educators, case managers, peer support staff, counselors, therapists, and social workers. 

We envision a world in which every family can navigate easily to the services and support they need most.


We work with child-serving agencies, family-driven organizations, and individual family advocates to create flexible programming that is culturally appropriate and meets the needs of each unique community environment.

Over 800 family members have been trained by our network of certified Master Trainers, Facilitators, and Coaches – from Maine to Guam.

“There are few times in life when you accomplish something and get immediate feedback. As the Family Road Map Program Coordinator and Facilitator, I was honored to have this experience numerous times after finishing one of the trainings. So many participants were transformed by the experience of bonding with others with similar experiences, by gaining the knowledge for empowerment, and by learning that they are the “expert about their child”. I often run into people who’ve taken the Family Road Map training with me, and they can’t stop sharing how the experience changed their lives!”

Lisa Math B.S., CRPS-F
TUFF-certified Family Road Map Facilitator
Family Training Coordinator
South Florida Wellness Network


Team Up for Families is supported by donations and community partnerships with mental health agencies and family-driven organizations from Maine to Guam.

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