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We know it’s frustrating to look for special needs services. We’ve been there, too.

We are families of children and youth with conditions such as autism, ADHD, learning disorders, behavior challenges, and other health needs. Our mission is to share strategies that real families use to break down complicated problems into tasks they can handle. We envision a world in which every family can navigate easily to the services and support they need most.

Get There Project’s DIY resources and guided training sessions are designed to serve family caregivers, young adults in transition (and their families), educators, case managers, peer support staff, counselors, therapists, and social workers. What do YOU need most?

I need a road map to getting better services for my child.

We call it “Three in the Morning Anxiety.”  The day hasn’t gone very well. You feel confused, frustrated, and heart-sore to the bone.  One thought runs through your brain over and over: “What do I do NOW?”

The Road Map® Series gives you a simple five-point Guiding Star method that helps you launch into action–no matter what kind of help you need.  It shows you how to identify the strengths that can lead to solutions, pinpoint your priority concerns, and communicate your goals to others.  It offers strategies that help you gain knowledge about services, build relationships that open doors, manage the paperwork jungle, and find support to face challenges.  You can walk into meetings prepared and confident. You get more respect–and better results.  Learn more about the Road Map® Series publications and training.

I need to help families become active partners in making treatment plans work.

  • Family caregivers need to act as your “eyes and ears” beyond the office or examining room.  You want them to understand your recommendations, carry out treatment plans effectively, and communicate what happens between visits. The Road Map® Series teaches families the five most important tasks for managing information as effective partners on the treatment team. (We call this set of information management tasks “Organize, Maintain, Record, Share, & Inquire.”)  Families learn to observe treatment progress and report data effectively. They feel more comfortable with the treatment process and more motivated to stay involved. When families have the skills to partner effectively, your job gets a little easier. Learn more about the Road Map® Series and training experiences.

I need families of our students to engage with us in creating better education outcomes.

School systems spend a great deal of time and money on efforts to engage families in creating success for students. It’s frustrating when parents don’t show up, don’t do their part, or don’t appreciate what you give.  We’ve dubbed this situation the “family engagement gap.” If the family caregiver doesn’t have the skills, confidence, and motivation to act as an equal partner in a child’s education program, your outreach effort falls into the gap. Consider:  At a typical IEP meeting, the family caregiver is often the only person who doesn’t have formal education training, a job description, and an ID badge. It’s easy to feel intimidated and out of place.

Road Map® Series publications and training build family partnership skills using simple, step-by-step strategies that are more credible because they come from families who share similar struggles. Family Road Map includes a bonus chapter (“The Classroom-Treatment Connection”) with concise descriptions of special education processes and the caregiver’s unique role on the education team. The curriculum even includes “Tricks for Remembering People’s Names” at school meetings!  Research indicates Informed, empowered families have greater motivation to participate in setting and meeting goals.

I need to help a young adult make the transition to independent life.

If you work with (or live with) people in their teens and twenties, Young Adult Road Map can help you teach valuable skills for navigating adult wellness, independent living, and transition services. The illustrated Guide and accompanying Activities Booklet provide young adults with the information they need so adulting does not feel as complicated. Young Adult Road Map includes a bonus chapter (Guiding Star Close-Up: The Bridge To Everywhere) with a five-point plan for navigating systems and systems and transition services.  It provides support to your mission–preparing young adults
for a stable, independent future. Learn more about the Road Map® Series

Families Know What Families Need. Let’s Simplify Together.

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